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嘿!嘿!嘿都一只鸟仔哮啾啾 荷哩 哭到三更一又半暝找无巢 嘿!嘿!  嘿都什么人啊甲我撞破一个巢 荷哩 乎阮抓著不放伊甘休 荷嘿荷 Oh, oh, the bird is crying. It’s all alone and it can’t get back to its nest. It’s crying out in the middle of the night but no one helps. Its wing is broken and it can’t fly home.
村里头美不过小白船,阿青哥在船上扬白帆。 白过了天上的白云朵,白过了地上的白牡丹, 阿青哥哥的小白船。 爱不够阿青哥的小白船,它时常停泊在我家门前。 三月里送来了报春花,九月里送来了艳阳天, 我心中的那小白船。 那一天又坐那小白船,心里话像河水流不断, 藤盘树说到那树盘藤, 月弯弯再说到月圆圆。 甜甜蜜蜜的小白船. A Qing Ge Ge Beloved brother hanging from the white mast of the sail boat. Even whiter than the clouds in the sky. Whiter than the white peony. Beloved brother, love is not enough. The white boat is often parked in front of my house. March sends primroses, September, sunny days. In my heart is the little white boat.
爱情,这个东西 就像三月天气 刚才晴空万里 现在又无缘无故地下大雨 眼睛,你的眼睛 轻易看透我心 我还假装正经 其实我紧张地词不达意 爱,我要你的爱 我要你的情 我要你的心 我无法说出来 这简单的爱 这复杂的情 和我失控的心 我不能自己 爱情,这个东西 让人捉摸不定 每当我想起你 我就会紧张地自言自语 所以,我要告诉你 这是我的决定 不管你在不在意 我也要将爱情进行到底 这就是-爱情 Love, this thing is like March weather: a moment ago, beautiful suddenly without reason it pours. Eyes, your eyes easily see through my heart. I still pretend to be proper, actually I'm nervous and speechless. Love, I want your love, I want your passion, I want your heart. I can't get the words out. This simple love, this complicated love, I lose control of my heart. I lose myself. Love, this thing makes people unpredictable. When I think of you, I excitedly talk to myself. So I want to tell you this is my decision, whether you care or not, I want to see it through to the end. This is love.
如果说, 生活只是场意外 让我静静去等待 被爱, 还是会受到伤害 是福是祸任你猜 不会强求, 只会安然处之过去和未来 意外, 让我一点点明白 生活重要是现在   如果爱, 就要爱得很精彩 如果痛就哭出来 释怀, 才能笑得更开怀 海更清澈天更蓝 呵护, 灌溉, 自己心中深处的那片花海 原来, 快乐其实很简单 只要你能想得开 If life is the unexpected, I accept it silently. To be loved or to be hurt, it's a good thing or a bad thing, it's up to you. I won't hold on too tight. I'll be at peace with the past and the future. The unexpected makes me understand I should live for the moment. If you love, do it passionately. If you are hurt, burst into tears. Once you release the emotions, you can smile from deep in your heart. The ocean looks clearer and the sky looks bluer. Take care to water the flower which is growing in your heart. In the end being happy is very simple so long as you can let yourself go.
在那金色沙滩上 洒着银色的月光 寻找往事踪影 往事踪影迷茫 寻找往事踪影 往事踪影迷茫 往事踪影迷茫 有如幻梦一样 你在何处躲藏 久别离的姑娘 你在何处躲藏 久别离的姑娘 我愿骑在马背上 像那箭样的飞翔 飞呀飞呀我的马 朝着他去的方向 飞呀飞呀我的马 朝着他去的方向 飞翔,飞翔,飞翔 Under the Silver Moonlight On the golden beach in the silver moonlight, looking for traces of past memories, confused as a dream past. Where are you hiding old girl? I would like to ride on horseback like an arrow flying toward her.
阿拉木汗什么样,身段不肥也不瘦,  阿拉木汗什么样,身段不肥也不瘦。  她的眉毛象弯月,她的身腰象棉柳,  她的小嘴很多情,眼睛能使你发抖。  阿拉木汗什么样,身段不肥也不瘦,  阿拉木汗什么样,身段不肥也不瘦。  阿拉木汗住在那里,吐鲁番奇三百六,  阿拉木汗住在那里,吐鲁番奇三百六。  为她黑夜没瞌睡,为她白天常咳嗽,  为她冒着风和雪呀,为她鞋底常跑透。  阿拉木汗住在那里,吐鲁番奇三百六。  阿拉木汗住在那里,吐鲁番奇三百六。 This is a song and dance number for couples, praising Alamuhan's beauty.
十五的月亮升上了天空哟 为什么旁边没有云彩 我等待着那美丽的姑娘呀 你为什么还不到来哟嗬 如果那没有天上的雨水呀 海棠花儿不会自己开 只要哥哥你耐心地等待哟 你心上的人儿就会跑过来哟嗬  Aobao Meeting As the full moon rises, why are there no clouds? I await a beautiful maiden, why do you not come? If there is no rain in the sky, begonias will not open. As long as you wait patiently, brother, your beloved will come to you.
霓虹灯,上演着夜未央        一个人,守侯在路灯旁 
 这一切,我一人独自品尝               这世界,就象迷幻泡泡糖
 我也不放弃最初的梦想 收藏好,最后一道星光
 就这样,我轻唱,不紧不忙 我一人,独自品尝 我梦想,地久天长 City And I  by Sweeting/Zhao This city is full of heavy traffic. Sidewalks sprawl in any direction. High towers harbor the fantasies of those within, Neon lights, sleepless nights. Alone, I'm waiting under the streetlight seeing the world, and all its craziness. People pass in a rush, no time to appreciate. I alone savor everything. The world is like a bubble gum illusion, some people change like flowers, some endure like the earth. Though there is confusion of one kind and another, I won't give up my original dreams, I preserve them like the last starlight of night until dawn caresses my cheek. The familiar city grows with me and so, I sing smoothly, in no hurry, take it all as it comes. My dreams will last for ever.
火车行到伊都 阿末伊都丢 唉唷磅空内 磅空的水伊都 丢丢铜仔伊都 阿末伊都 丢仔伊都滴落来 The sound of raindrops as they hit the top of a train and of other noises.
Mu Ge 牧歌 04:29
蓝蓝的天空上飘着白云 白云的下面(是那)洁白的羊群 羊群好像是斑斑的白银 洒在草原上 多么爱煞人 Pastoral Song   In the blue, blue sky, floats a white cloud. Under the white cloud, stands a flock of sheep. The flock of sheep are like stained white clouds Sprinkled on the prairie to attract lovers.
在那东山顶上  升起白白的月亮  姑娘年轻的面容  出现在我的心上  姑娘年轻的面容  出现在我的心上  啊依拉依拉依嗦  玛杰啊玛  啊依拉依拉依嗦  玛杰啊玛  如果人们不相见  人们就不会相恋  如果人们不相知  怎会受着相思的熬煎  如果人们不相知  怎会受着相思的熬煎  啊依拉依拉依嗦  玛杰啊玛  啊依拉依拉依嗦  玛杰啊玛  On the Eastern Mountain Peak On the eastern mountain peak, the white moon is rising. A young girl's face is in my heart. Ah, if people do not meet, they will not fall in love. If people do not know each other, how can they bear the thought of suffering?


The Song of the Solitary Bird is a Chinese folk song in Taiwanese dialect from the period when the Japanese occupied Taiwan. It was a traditional folk song sung in a high calling voice by political prisoners from inside the prison walls to let their relatives outside know that they were okay. Jeremy learned this song from a folk musician in Taiwan who spoke only Japanese and local dialect. As beautiful melodies are transmitted from person to person over time and across cultures, they acquire new lives and characters. Interpreting these Chinese folk songs today in modern Shanghai, Coco, Jeremy and I seek to share them with a new audience.


released September 2, 2011

Coco Zhao: vocals
Steve Sweeting: piano
Jeremy Moyer: erhu, banjo, percussion
Yue Yan: special guest vocals
Tony Mo: recording engineer
Sam Hopgood: mixing engineer
Frank Quosdorf: producer
Kate Dunham: graphic designer


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Steve Sweeting New York, New York

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Steve Sweeting is a jazz pianist, composer, and teacher who recently moved back to New York City after living and working in Shanghai for more than seven years.
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