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The Color of Love

by Jasmine Chen & Steve Sweeting

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送你送到小村外 有句话儿要交代 虽然已经是百花儿开 路边的野花你不要采 记着我的情 记着我的爱 记着有我天天在等待 我在等着你回来 千万不要把我来忘怀 As I see you off on your trip from the village, there are a few things I want to say to you. Even though it’s blossom time, don’t pick the flowers by the side of the road. Remember my love, remember my passion. and remember, I’m here waiting every day for your return. Above all, don’t forget about me.
相见时告诉我你带来远方的消息 离别时挥挥衣袖抬起头不让泪流 每一天追求梦想的人们来来走走 生命中悲欢喜乐它就像一个港口 有些人固执在这里等候 有些人走了就不会再回头 有些人只微微做停留 有些人想说的话还没出口 有些人相见时很害羞 有些人看一眼满面泪流 有些人只轻轻做问候 有些人却迟迟不肯走 啦啦拉喂来来来,来来, 哎来哎 哎来来,哎哎来来,哎哎来来 啦啦拉喂来来来,来来, 哎来哎 哎来来来,来依 相见的时候请你告诉我带来远方的消息 离别时挥挥衣袖抬起头不让泪流 每一天追求梦想的人们来来走走 生命中悲欢喜乐它就像一个港口 一个港口,一个港口 When we meet, you tell me you bring news from far away . When we say goodbye, you wave and tilt your head back, to keep the tears from flowing. People come and go every day, pursuing dreams in their lives , Sadness and happiness is a harbor. Some people wait here stubbornly, Some people go never to return, Some people stop only for a minute, Some people still haven’t said what they want to say, Some people are shy when they meet, Some people take one look and cry, Some people softly say hello, Some people don’t want to go. La, la, la….
Hopscotch 02:23
爱情是什么颜色 我无法解说 红色灰色或蓝色? 让我好迷惑 轻轻问声 亲爱的 能否告诉我 你说我们的颜色 是大海的蓝色 海天连接那一刻 就象你和我 纵然有暴风雨过 灰色是短暂的 每一段爱情的颜色 就象白云般变化多 走过红色的闪烁 是蓝色的快乐 偶尔白色的冷漠 又是谁的错? 只要我们还有梦 携手一起度过 这些爱情的颜色 What is the color of love? I cannot say. Red, gray or blue? I am confused, I ask you softly, darling. Can you tell me? You say our love is the color of the sea. That moment the ocean meets the sky, is just like you and I. Although there may be storms, our gray will not last for long. Every moment, the color of love changes, like clouds above us. We pass through sparkling red, into blue happiness. Even in white cold silence, is it anyone to blame? If we still have our dreams, we'll hold hands and experience all these colors of love.
歌名:编花篮 演唱:彭丽媛 语言:国语 河南民歌 编编编花篮 编个花篮上南山 南山开满红牡丹 朵朵花儿开得艳 银个丹丹银牡丹 银牡丹那个哪哈依呀嗨 摘摘摘牡丹 三朵两朵摘一篮 牡丹花儿多娇艳 姑娘见了好喜欢 哎嗨哎嗨好喜欢 五彩缤纷齐争艳 齐争艳那个哪哈依呀嗨 Weave, weave, weave a basket. Take the basket to the mountain. The mountain is full of mudan (flowers) They blossom brightly. The girls like them so much.
哦春光满枝头 花儿含笑羞~ 碧水也温柔~ 莫愁女前留个影 江山秀美人风流~ 啊莫愁啊莫愁 劝君莫忧愁 莫愁湖泛舟 啊秋夜月当头 欢歌伴短笛~ 笑语满湖流~ 自古人生多风流 何须愁白少年头 啊莫愁啊莫愁 劝君莫忧愁 Walking down by Mo Chou Lake, you can see the spring sunshine on the trees. The flowers are smiling and the lake water is gentle Take a picture with the Mo Chou girl, look at the scenic beauty of the mountain and river. The people are enjoying themselves don't worry, don't worry I beseech you not to worry. Rowing a boat on the Mo Chou Lake, I see autumn moon in the sky. The happy song is accompanied by flute. You can hear people talking joyfully all around the lake. Since the old days, life has been about enjoyment. Why should so much worry make your hair turn gray? Don't worry, don't worry I beseech you not to worry.
人们在这虚幻世界里做游戏, 他在做戏,她也做戏, 不知不觉他们都已经太入戏, 真也是戏,假也是戏, 哪些是真?啊—哪些是假?  聪明的人睁开慧眼把它看仔细然后忘记, 你会看到有些是真, 有些是假何必在意? 到头来说只是一场戏。 People are playing their roles in this unreal world. He is doing it, and she is doing it too. They are so into pretending without noticing. Is it real? Or is it not? Which things are real and which are not? Intelligent people open their inner eyes and recognize what’s real. They choose to forget about what’s not. People see some things are real and some are unreal. Why do you care, if it’s just a drama?
和那纷乱的雨丝 在路灯下构成迷人样子 他的头发被淋湿 水滴滴在他鼻子 他却不以为然的坚持 仍然站在那原地 不忍心看他淋湿 走过去吻他鼻子oh~~ 他嘴角微微向上翘起 这天气有些寒意 两颗心拥在一起 温暖彼此在这寒冷冬季 就让我门的心永不分离 The city sits in darkness and the sporadic raindrops lend it charm as it reflects in the streetlights. His hair is wet and the rain drips on his nose, But standing in one place on the street, he doesn’t care. I don’t want to see him get wet. I walk toward him and kiss his nose. His lips curl upward in a smile. The weather is a bit chilly. Two hearts embrace and warm each other. In this cold winter. let our hearts be together forever.
每当,我站在舞台上面对你们歌唱, 灯光,将整个舞台照亮, 把我拥抱在中央, 这种感觉让我如此快乐心驰神往, 难道你看不出我心中的那丝荡漾? 钢琴,在我的耳边轻轻响起为我伴唱, 指尖,美妙的旋律亲切地在空中流淌, 心里的话,有多想对你讲, 就让我此时此刻用歌声的力量唱出我心中所想, 尽管,生活中每个人都会遇到那么多的不愉快 和那些小小的感伤, 歌唱,它是我心中的信仰, 歌唱,它给我力量战胜所有困难和那忧伤。 它就像阳光无时无刻照耀在我的身上, 它就像灯光照亮我前进方向 忘记跑调的感伤,气短的惆怅, 让我们勇敢的想,我们勇敢的唱,唱出希望。 Every time I’m standing onstage singing to you The lights, fill the stage with brightness And I’m surrounded by a glow. This feeling makes me radiant. Can’t you see my heart dancing? A piano is gently playing by my ear. From fingers, fly beautiful melodies Floating in the air. There is something in my heart I want to tell you. Let me use the power of song to express my feelings. Although in life, we all have unhappy moments. And a little sadness. Singing is my faith. And singing gives me strength to cope with all the difficulties and sadness. It’s like the sun shining on me all the time. Lighting my way to the future. Forget about the flaws of singing off key or out of breath. Be brave and sing with hope.
我在夕阳下望着你 你的双眼是深邃又美丽, 好奇怪, 让我着迷深陷进去,不能自已, 我想这就叫做一见钟情, 你敞开窗口让我飞进去, 啊----,这种感觉,多么神奇, 又是多甜蜜. 我站在雨里等着你, 却与那个他不期而遇, 走过来, 勾起我往事藏心底,挥之不去, 他的双眼里仍有爱的讯息, 我却不能再将它继续, 哦----心痛往事,不要再提, 我已有了你, 我已有了你. I’m looking at you through the sunset, your eyes are so profound and beautiful. How strange, I’m deeply enchanted by you, I can’t control myself. I think this is called love at first sight. You opened the window and I flew in. Ahh! This is a magical feeling. And it’s so sweet. I was standing in the rain, waiting for you. And met him by accident. He walked my way and awakened an old stirring in my heart. Now it won’t go away. There is still love in his eyes. But I cannot continue with him. Ahh, the painful memories Don’t let them surface, because I have you already.
树叶遮窗棂呀. 蛐蛐儿叫铮铮, 好比那琴弦儿声啊. 月儿那个明, 风儿那个静, 摇篮轻摆动啊. 娘的宝宝, 闭上眼睛, 睡了那个睡在梦中啊。 The moon is bright, the wind is smooth and quiet, the tree’s leaves appear through the window Crickets are singing, like string instruments. The moon is bright, the wind is smooth and quiet, the cradle gently rocks. Mama’s baby, close your eyes and dream sweetly.
你曾经说你爱我, 如今却要离开我, 难道爱情已是折磨? 你说,你说,你说 风比雨来得洒脱, 对我有何不能说, 难道你已不再爱我? 你说,你说,你说 没有爱情的生活, 对我来说像肥皂泡沫, 没有你的生活, 我的世界一片荒漠 就当它没发生过, 面对你无尽冷漠, 忽然好想知道结果 你说,你说,你说 Siempre que te pregunto
 Que, cuándo, cómo y dónde
 Tú siempre me respondes
 Quizás, quizás, quizás Y así pasan los días
 Y yo, desesperando
 Y tú, tú contestando 
Quizás, quizás, quizás Estás perdiendo el tiempo 
Pensando, pensando 
Por lo que más tú quieras 
¿Hasta cuándo? ¿Hasta cuándo? Y así pasan los días 
Y yo, desesperando
 Y tú, tú contestando 
Quizás, quizás, quizás You used to say you loved me But now you are leaving me Is love a torture for you? You tell me, you tell me, you tell me. Wind comes easier than rain You can tell me anything. Don’t you love me anymore? You tell me, you tell me, you tell me. Life without love to me is like soap bubbles. My life without you Is just a desert. When you are cold to me, I pretend it didn’t happen Suddenly, I want to know how it ends. You tell me, you tell me, you tell me.
世上有朵美丽的花 那是青春吐芳华 铮铮硬骨绽花开 滴滴鲜血染红它 Ah…ah….. 绒花绒花 啦~ la--- 一路芬芳满山崖 世上有朵英雄的花 那是青春放光华 花载亲人上高山 顶天立地迎彩霞 Ah….ah…. 绒花绒花 啦~啦~la--- 一路芬芳满山崖 There is a beautiful flower in the world It’s made of beautiful youth It blooms bravely And is colored by blood Ah- ah velvet flower, velvet flower la- la fragrance full of the roads on the mountain There is a hero flower it’s the shining of youth the flower carries family to the top of the mountain it’s so tall, it can reach the sky and meet the rainbow. Ah- ah velvet flower, velvet flower la- la fragrance full of the roads on the mountain.


If the US and China are looking for models of fruitful artistic collaboration, they would do well to start with The Color of Love, a smorgasbord of cultural fusion in its richest, most imaginative sense. Chinese singer/lyricist, Jasmine Chen, and American jazz pianist/composer Steve Sweeting team up to offer a smoky slice of New Shanghai. In their debut CD as a duo, they have cooked up a rich assortment of jazz standards (Windows, Take Five, Quizas...) and Brazilian classics (Rosa, Corcovado, Encontros e Despedidas) with Chen's original Chinese lyrics. If that were not enough, they also delve into the well-stocked pantry of traditional Chinese songs and invent fresh takes on delicious folk melodies, both new and old. The crowning spices of this listening feast are two originals (Hopscotch, The Color of Love) the former, a quick contagious tune and the latter, an evocative 12/8 ballad that will place you right into the midnight ambience of the Shanghai House of Blues and Jazz where these two are regulars.

The duo began working together as part of a song series Sweeting began in Shanghai in 2006 with various Chinese singers at twocities art gallery. With a backdrop of local visual art, the concert series attracted many different kinds of listeners: locals who had little exposure to jazz or improvisation, ex-pats with little knowledge of Chinese folk music and some experienced concertgoers of the kind found in big cities like New York, Paris & Tokyo, eager for new combinations and experiences. The Shanghaiist had this to say:

"I’m a big fan of the music Steve and Jasmine have done on this album, which I’ve had the privilege of listening to in pre-release form. All the music on there is fantastic, and it’s a surprise that such simple instrumentation can still create the range of sounds they do on this recording. But also, as much as I dig the album, hearing their live performance of the music is sublime. I think it’s because one can see how the music is affecting everyone else, which makes it affect yourself even more!"

"And of course, every concert I’ve been to at twocities gallery has been great. I would even venture to say it is personally my favorite venue in town to play at, because everyone is there just to hear the music, and it’s not formal and uptight like a concert hall. Nearly every other venue in town that has regular jazz is still mostly about drinking and socializing, with jazz as a sort of background to create an atmosphere. Having the audience’s devoted attention really makes the musicians give extra-special performances."
As Chen began turning out her own lyrics, the pair's work took on a more original direction. When you hear Harbor (Encontros e Despedidas), her lyric is so well crafted, it sounds like Milton Nascimento might have had Mandarin in mind when he penned his original melody. In Rainy Night (Corcovado), Chen's lyrics offer the poignant detail of an intimate winter moment; in My Song (Rosa), the honest, vulnerable optimism of a stage performer. Her winsome voice always works in service of the lyrics and is a perfectly fragile vehicle for the intimate emotions of this collection.
Sweeting's piano sounds like a full passport of influences. He can move from Jobim to Pixiguinha to Desmond to Corea to the mountain melodies of Henan with the confidence of a seasoned musical traveler. He is a truly gifted accompanist who coaxes out the best from both the singer and the song. And his own compositions don't suffer by comparison to the classic melodies around them on this heart-warming CD.


released June 1, 2008

Piano and arrangements by Steve Sweeting
Vocals by Jasmine Chen
Special thanks to: Jeremy Moyer, Kate Dunham, Josh Milton, Denver Cosado, Frederic Lavignasse, Zhang Yan, Eva Ting, Matt DeBardelaben and Two City Gallery Shanghai


all rights reserved



Steve Sweeting New York, New York

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Steve Sweeting is a jazz pianist, composer, and teacher who recently moved back to New York City after living and working in Shanghai for more than seven years.
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